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Six Degrees is Canada's first community studio founded in 2007. Now an integrative community-based healing centre, we offer safe, effective, and accessible holistic health services to a wide range of communities. A place for people to heal, our name is inspired by the theory that any two people in the world are connected in some way by no more than six people.

low res six degrees by niv shimshon phot
low res six degrees by niv shimshon phot
low res six degrees by niv shimshon phot

Photo credit: Niv Shimshon Photography

At Six Degrees, we understand that you have your own history, needs, and process to healing. It is with this perspective in mind that we provide a range of whole-being wellness services to enrich, maintain, and promote your long-term health.

Six Degrees applies the principle that sharing space and offering affordable rates creates much-needed access to health care and promotes sustainable health maintenance. We practice with the knowledge that your health and wellbeing is entwined with the health of your family, community, and the earth. We honour this interconnectedness by providing community and traditional health medicine for everyone.

We believe in:
• Demystifying the treatment process by telling you what we are doing and why
• Working with clients who are knowledgeable collaborators concerned and aware of their health needs
• Promoting healthy individuals and communities.

We provide our service according to these principles:
• Safe & Effective — To perform our service in an effective and safe manner, informing clients of any potential risks involved in a treatment.
• Private & Confidential — Client health history and information are kept private and confidential.
• Respect & Collaboration — Mutual respect and an open dialogue are practiced between clients and practitioners during the treatment process.

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