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Registered Massage Therapy

Times Available

Wed | 9:00am-3:00pm


$80/40-minute session
$105/60-minute session
$140/90-minute session 

There will be a $10 one-time intake fee for new clients. All first appointments will be 1.5 hrs in length for intake and assessment.

Limited sliding scale prices available. Please contact Danielle to inquire.



Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Danielle Smith
Registered Massage Therapist

Danielle has been practicing Registered Massage Therapy since 1996, but her love of movement and fascination of the body’s inherent healing potential began long before. Her journey in this vocation began after graduating from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic, when she moved to Halifax, NS to practice at Saint Mary’s University in the Sports Medicine Clinic. She returned to Toronto to expand her practice, not only to work at the University of Toronto’s David L. MacIntosh Sports Medicine Clinic, but also to develop her private practice. Over the latter half of her career, Danielle has been bridge-building between the healing arts and creative arts, with a focus on indigenizing processes of embodied ancestral research and reclamation as a form of decolonization, healing, and artistic production.

Danielle’s RMT practice is grounded in Swedish massage with a focus on deep tissue work, having continued her training in myofascial release. Some of the other techniques that Danielle employs are manual lymph drainage, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, and myofascial stretching. Sessions range from a focus of prevention and well-being (for instance relaxation massage and infant massage) to a corrective focus for injuries/ailments including, for example, stress management, pregnancy pain symptoms, migraine or tension headaches, and specific injuries due to sedentary work, sports injuries, or other accidents. If required, a thorough assessment is offered at the beginning of any series of sessions in order to gain a greater understanding of the cause(s) of symptoms that are presenting, and to determine the most effective course to take to provide relief.

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