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Let the circles begin

Six Degrees closed its doors at the beginning of the pandemic. It is now promoting community acupuncture circles in the city. Let us know if you would like to host a circle in your neighbourhood!

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Community Acupuncture
June 22, 29, July 6,13, 20, 27
Thursdays, 1 pm - 6 pm
Octopus Garden Yoga
967 College Street

Join us for six weeks of community acupuncture at Octopus Garden Yoga. This is a great way to improve health issues that are acute and need attention. It’s also a good length of time to work on life goals, and to change habits. This is also the first acupuncture circle we have done since the pandemic. Let the circles begin!


These personalized Acupuncture treatments take place in a group setting. Treatments take place in a recliner or if you prefer on a yoga mat with bolsters.


Acupuncture is one of the most widely used therapies in the world.

It’s a powerful too to promote health and generate more self- awareness.

It’s a safe and effective treatment for many illnesses.

In Chinese Medicine health is seen as having the right balance of life force called Qi.

Ideally, Qi flows smoothly and evenly throughout the body nourishing each cell, organ and tissue. Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into key points on the body along energy pathways to move, restore, and balance Qi.

  • Improves and manage chronic nerve and muscle pain

  • Regulates digestion and metabolism

  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Improves reproductive health

  • Boosts immunity and energy level

  • Manages the side effects of drugs and medications


For over twenty years
I have helped folks with all sorts of health issues from common to unusual.
I often work with these conditions and experiences in my clinic:

  • body pain, soreness, tightness, and injuries

  • digestive problems

  • stress, anxiety, and depression

  • reproductive and gynecological health

  • menopause, pre and post and ongoing

  • boosting immunity, colds and flus, sinus issues, allergies and strengthening immunity

  • boosting energy levels

  • managing side effects of drugs and medication

  • concussions, head injuries, headaches, migraines

  • concentration, focus, and mental clarity

  • pelvic and spinal alignment disorders

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for healing by restoring balance to emotions, organs and vital energy.


Acupuncture treatment can deal with and lessen these states and experiences:

  • Dealing with feelings of grief and loss

  • Feeling stuck and inflexible

  • Feeling overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions

  • Feeling fiery and reactive, full of rage and vengeful

  • Feeling distant, slow, weighed down physically, mentally-emotionally

  • Feeling surges of irritation, frustration, impatiences

  • Feeling light and insignificant - "I don't know how I feel or how I am"

  • Feeling fearful and untrusting

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Community Acupuncturist

Susanda Yee, R.Acu

I have learned how trauma and stress are expressed through physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

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Sliding Scale Fee of $60 - $80

A sliding scale makes acupuncture treatment more accessible to more people.

Acupuncture works best with frequency and regularity. Please join us for these six weeks of acupuncture. This is great way to work on health issues that are acute and need attention. It’s also a good period of time for you to work on your life goals, and to change habits. At the same time, it's great to come for one or some treatments. Feel free to book according to your needs.

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