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How many treatments do I need?


We cannot guarantee an exact number of how many acupuncture treatments will work for you. Life is simply too unpredictable and we want to give you real hope.


Acute Health Conditions

1- 2 sessions a week until you feel better, and then once a week for a few weeks to follow up until your condition is relieved, improved, or eliminated.


Chronic Health Conditions

1 sessions a week for six weeks and then re-assess. When you feel well enough you can take a break or discontinue treatment, and then you can come back on an as-needed basis. 


Ongoing care to maintain health

Once a week for 2 -3 months for conditions that move from an "urgent/ I need care" state to a "stable/ I can manage" on my own state. Many health conditions over this time can improve, change, or be eliminated.


Daily Care 

Daily acupuncture treatment for one to three weeks when you are in crisis is safe and effective. When you are dealing with cravings, high stress, a relationship breakup or uncoupling, PTSD triggers, anxiety and panic, or severe depression acupuncture treatment can support you in a daily way.  For example, a NADA Ear treatment is designed for folks who are in a state of crisis. It is a simple 5 point ear treatment that can be done without a lot of explanation and talking. You can be in and out fairly quickly and carry on your day.


Acupuncture treatments as needed

It is completely all right to use acupuncture treatment on an as-needed basis. Feel free to use and experience our services as it suits your life, time and budget.


Community Acupuncture uses a sliding scale so you can actually afford to commit to a treatment plan and experience the deep benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


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