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Six Degrees is committed to making health care financially accessible. We want to support the growth of both emerging and established practitioners. We want to support people in our community by offering affordable & beautiful spaces to work in. Long term practitioners will benefit from being listed on our online Practitioner Gallery and on the practitioner board, as well as access to front desk support (greeting and referral), and the option to contribute articles to our monthly newsletter. These are additional channels which will help promote your practice and services.

We have 2 private treatment rooms and a community room to share. We prioritize those who work with similar ethics and ideals in regards to having a non-judgmental and financially accessible practice.

To inquire about room availability please read the following details and fill out the google form at the bottom of the page. Please note that due to high volume of requests, we will only respond if your practice aligns with Six Degrees’ values.

Private Room,Temple

Temple Room

Private Room Rental

We rent rooms on a half day (9am-3pm or 3pm-9pm) or full day (9am-9pm) basis. You start with a 3-month contract then if both parties feel it is a good fit we would sign for a year. Once you have signed up for a weekly half-day or full-day rental, you gain access to our hourly booking calendars and can book hourly to build your practice.



$90 or $95 depending on which room / half day (6 hours) + HST 
$20 / hour + HST*

We offer a $5 discount for each full day rental. 
*Hourly rental is only available to practitioners who have already committed to at least one half or full day per week. 

As a business we experience an overall rent increase each year, and so a 7% rental increase is applied to all contracts every year to match the increase in our rental cost.


As a practitioner at Six Degrees you will have access to:

  • access to our office/kitchen shared space

  • front desk support (greeting and referral)

  • free wifi

  • access to our online booking system once you have a long term contract with us

  • basic furniture and a massage table as needed


Sun Room

ca room.JPG

Community Room

Community Room Rental

Our ground floor community room is perfect for workshops and classes, talks and small events. The room can accommodate 10 – 40 participants depending on spacing and seating arrangement. We have about 10 chairs, 10 bolsters, 7 recliners, and some yoga mats that renters could borrow.

Free access to guest WiFi upon request. 

Our main floor space is wheelchair access. We use a StopGap ramp at the front door. However, our bathrooms are in the basement with a flight of stairs, and are not accessible to some.

We rent the community room to like-minded practitioners, facilitators of creative practices, mindfulness or meditation groups and a variety of aligned events. Each person who shares space with us first meets with the Operations Manager or a co-owner to harmonize and ensure we are creating events/workshops/classes that are accessible for the communities we serve. 

For yoga practitioners, we ask that you speak to how your practice is grounded in an awareness of cultural appropriation in your application.


Community Room Only: $50/hr + HST 
If you don’t mind sharing space with practitioners who might be working in the back rooms, choose this option. This means some (light) traffic along the wall of the community room when folks working in the back are bringing clients to their room, or when they travel between the private rooms, the washroom in the basement, and the back office.

Private Use of the Entire Studio: $80/hr + HST 
This would be a great option for workshops or events that require the use of the two private rooms as well, and/or need privacy. You will have the entire space and won’t be interrupted by anyone other than your own participants. If you rent the entire space for over 4 hours, there is a 10% off discount.

Community Support Rate: 60/40 split 
The community support rate is a one-time only option for practitioners just starting up their practices who are offering practices that the Six Degrees Community can directly benefit from. We hope to collaborate with people and groups to build our studio offerings and we recognize that the early days of promoting these practices can be financially hard. For this reason we offer the Community Support rate to anyone who is struggling to grow their practice. Six Degrees will receive 40% of your total revenue as rental fee, and you keep 60%. The rental fee is capped at our standard rate listed above. Please indicate your need to access this rate on the application form and we shall determine based on the information you provide.

How to Apply

To inquire about room availability please fill out this form. For any inquiry, please email us at


Special thanks to nisha ahuja for her sharing of the understanding that the services we share are offerings, knowledge is power and this sharing of wisdom supports our overall practice at Six Degrees.

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