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Food as Medicine

"Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks."  -  Lin Yu-Tang

Food is something we have a relationship with everyday. It is a source of nourishment, sometimes struggle and potentially, empowerment. Even with realities that include not having much choice over food there is agency in how we cook and what we choose, either from what is offered us or what we can buy. These are all a source of healthy, empowered food choices.

We can embrace kindness with every bite. Sometimes the food we eat meets our souls need, other times we have to embrace a flavour we may not love so as to support digestion and physical health. It is never easy to focus on food, and it is not the point of this month's food as medicine focus to make us feel bad about food choices. Rather, we hope, that by reminding us all that each choice has impact, we give space for a few more of those choices to be toward our unique balance of health.

Also, think on this, when we eat the food that we "feel bad" about, what happens if we grant ourselves the grace to eat with freedom? We believe that eating with kindness can support our bodies digestive system. Eating with guilt only increases stress, so, when you have that coffee, that chocolate or that delicious bag of chips we hope you eat with absolute glee, enjoy the taste, the sensation and do so with absolute support that if you're eating with less guilt you are doing your body good. May we all enjoy the food available to us, and with that may we also be supported in choosing what sits best in us, with the conditions we have so that we feel empowered, not inhibited by the food choices we make every day.

For more info on how food choices can support your health you can ask your Acupuncturist at Six Degrees. They will point you in the direction of health and empowered choices through our daily food usage.

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