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The Possibility of Change is Always There: The Yin Yang of Our Body

Community Acupuncture – How, What, Why Now? #7 Author: Jordan Ramsay

Spring equinox is one of two times of the year where the days and nights are equal length. Both spring equinox and the vernal equinox (in the fall) are great times of transition from winter to spring and from summer to fall. I see equinoxes as similar to the yin yang symbol, which is a circle with one half white with a black dot and the other half black with a white dot: Half night and half day, half spring and half winter, half summer and half fall.

Let’s talk about the yin yang symbol: The dark half represents yin which is dark, cool, inwardly focussed, and heavy. The light half represents yang which is light, warm, externally focused and light. The dots of the opposite colour in each half represent the seed of the opposite. So in the dark half, yin, lies always the seed of yang, no matter how small. The possibility of the opposite or of change is always there. And vice versa, in yang always lies the seed of yin.

The symbol yin yang is meant to represent the constant flux of the two energies, always forming a circle but never stuck in relation to each other, always adjusting. It’s like the homeostasis function of our bodies which is never solid and even, but always adjusting to its new temperatures, new levels of blood sugar, new emotions.

Everything can be seen in terms of a whole created by yin and yang. Each person, each plant, even social organizations and weather patterns. When we are out of balance we may feel depressed, stressed out. We may be in chronic pain, exhausted, or feel numb.

Acupuncture is a useful tool in reestablishing homeostasis in the body. It can help cool a body that is too hot, relax a muscle that is very tense, and help move emotions that are held, stuck, or out of balance. Acupuncture works with the yin yang energies in our body that already exist. It helps to balance the parts of our always whole yin yang symbol (our self!).

My favourite part of the yin yang theory is that the symbol is always whole. There is nothing added from the external. Acupuncture works with our whole selves, to distribute our existing energies into balance. Again and again we can find our new balance. Given our new breath, our new job, our new body, our new look on life, we can find our balance in our whole, non-broken self.

This equinox is a reminder of our constantly shifting homeostasis and a great time to receive acupuncture treatments.

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