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Featured Practice: Moxabustion

Moxabustion, has been used for thousands of years as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with Acupuncture. Historically it was on the East Coast of China that Acupuncture originated, using stone needles to stimulate Qi along the meridians, whereas, Moxabustion originated in the North (where it is colder) and would be used to treat the painful cold that invaded the body or lodged in the intestines.

Moxa, or Mogusa as it is originally known, comes from the herb Mugwort. Picked from the back of the Mugwort leaf, Moxa is rolled into sticks, refined into smaller stick-on Moxa or used over a slice of ginger to warm Qi or Yang and move Qi and Stasis.

One of the best things about Moxa is that it is fairly easy to use at home. Which is why we offer a monthly Moxa workshop and encourage people to learn how to address concerns such as digestive upset (especially loose stools), Qi stagnation such as injury, especially old joint injuries and, our favourite, Blood Deficiency, which can present as sleeplessness, anemia, anxiety, easily bruising, headaches, feeling cold all the time, scanty or painful periods and general lethargy.

Check out our Monday Night Moxa workshop that takes place the first Monday of each month!

If the monthly Moxa workshop doesn't work for you, but you really want the info, email us, and let's figure out how to get this helpful and empowering treatment knowledge into your life.

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