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Being in the Cold and Flu Season with Six Degrees

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Acupuncture is very effective at treating the common cold and flu. It can help to strengthen the immune system and prevent these illnesses. It’s also very effective treatment when you actually have the common cold and flu, because it helps to clear pathogens from the lung system, and it can support your body’s natural immunity.

Wei Qi (defensive Qi) is what protects us against pathogens. Wei Qi is made of Qi from Lungs and the Spleen. Our Wei Qi becomes compromised when we overwork or overeat, with lack of sleep, increased stress, sudden shock, or excess sexual activity. We can nourish and strengthen Wei Qi by strengthening the function and Qi of the Lungs and Spleen.

No one wants to spread a cold or flu. So, please…

Stay home when you feel: • A sudden onset of flu symptoms • Diarrhea • High fever • Abdominal problems: nausea, cramping, pain • Extremely shivery and shaky • Deep exhaustion making it impossible to do simple tasks

Come in and get a treatment when you feel: • Regular cold symptoms • A cough or mild sore throat • No fever • Run down

You can support a strong immune system

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings about the “fear of contagion.” Stress weakens Wei Qi. Prevention can include positive health thoughts.Breathe through your nose and not your mouth as much as possible. The tiny hairs in your nose are built-in protection against germs.Cover your head, neck, and throat during the fall and winter months.Get regular, restful sleep, and do your best to eat well and regularlyCarry a hanky or sneeze into your sleeveDress warmly

Did you know…? You can also use Chinese Herbal Remedies to prevent and eliminate the common cold and the flu. These remedies are safe and inexpensive. Please ask your practitioner for details.

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