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Dear Six Degrees Community.

I wanted to reach out to you and wish you a bright and fun SPRING! (I know it is taking its time to get here.) How are you coping and moving through this new way we are living in this city of Toronto? This place 'where there are trees standing in the water'. We are dealing with a lot of change in a short amount of time. Even positive change can feel disconcerting and destabilizing. As the season changes we see restrictions scaled back as we enter this season of Spring. Spring inherently is a cycle of change and transition.

What is it like to not wear a mask in social settings? What is it like to be in large social events again? Remember that about 2 years ago the idea of social distancing from people seemed bizarre. And to wear a facial mask in public settings was strange. How did we acclimatize to the fact that a hug could be a dangerous act?

In this season of change, I count on our resilience, our basic instinct to change and our inherent ability to transition and to transform. We deeply know how to move from one state of being to another way to be. This basic ability of Homo Sapiens to learn something new, and then to change again and again is witnessed in this pandemic. Adaptability, and adaptation is how we got here.

I count on all these abilities of ours when I am offering acupuncture treatment. I continue to offer private acupuncture sessions since I closed the community clinic at the beginning of the pandemic two years ago. I feel change in the air. Inspiration to explore new places and opportunities to hold our healing circles again.

Acupuncture treatment and a Chinese medicine approach acknowledges and honours how complex and complicated we are. It touches the layers in us. It understands the conflict and the separation of self without judgement or bias. It understands our limits, and supports our many abilities.

With whatever ailments you bring to me, and in whatever shape our city is in to gather safely, I will deliver this medicine to what the situation calls for. In a treatment room or a circle I aim these needles toward adaptability to this moment and to the possibility for transformation now. I aim to connect you to your natural power to change and to recover.

Susanda Yee

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