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My Dear Clients.

With Summer upon us, our bodies move into the most intense heat of the year, Summer Heat. This is a time and opportunity to warm ourselves deeply. We increase the YANG energy in our bodies and recharge our batteries for the year. It’s essential to do this in a balanced way. To not get overheated, and to be able to fully ‘digest’ the heat of Summer. Yang energy is expansive. It projects us into the World. It pushes Qi out of our bodies and it connects us to a greater sense of ourselves. We feel deeply connected and linked to others. This spirited Qi rises to high places. Yang Qi moves upwards to our chest, lungs, face and head. It makes us feel spirited, energetic, and bright.

It is common, in a busy urban place like Toronto, to be overwhelmed by Summer heat. Raging wildfires affect air quality across the country, worsening our already congested city air. Poor air quality can further overheat us and drag us down.

This intensifies common respiratory issues like allergies, asthma, sneezing, head pressure, migraines, and sinusitis. It can also cause bloating and digestive issues. Summer Heat slows down Qi flow in our bowels causing upset stomach, constipation, loose stools and diarrhea. It can also bring on a sense of dread, depression, and anxiety. The lungs and the bowels have a special relationship in respiration and immunity in Chinese Medicine. Basically, the lungs bring in air and the bowels help to ‘digest’ and metabolize it. We can often have breathing issues because we need to attend to our bowels!

How does Acupuncture treatment help? By choosing the right places on the body to stimulate, we can activate our natural ability to 'digest' Summer Heat. We can feel strong and vital.

Come in for a session. Make time for self care, and tell your loved ones there is something they can do to feel better.

Susanda Yee, D. Acu.

Community Acupuncturist

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