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How to Eat for Stronger Blood

Understand that food is both a pleasure and a fuel and treat it as such. Overeating, eating too fast, preoccupations while eating, or eating at irregular times create stress on the spleen. You can build strong blood and support your spleen by:

Enjoying your foodHaving regular meals in a calm environmentEating away from stresses or distractionsEating slowerEating until you're about 80% fullPlanning mealsEating a variety of foods

What to eat

Try to keep a balance - ensure not to eat too much of any one food. Too much meat will weaken the spleen and we will be unable to digest what we eat. Too many grains can create dampness. Variety and balance are key.

Try to include

Whole grainsVegetables: streamed, in soup, baked or lightly sautéed, twice a dayGood quality sources of protein - beans, eggs or meatAvoid raw food

Increase foods that are warm, build Blood and support the Spleen. Avoid foods that are cold, raw or damp. Here are some examples:

Foods and supplements that build Blood

Eggs Beef Chicken Liver/pate Sea vegetables Seeds and nuts Beets Pumpkin Sweet potato Carrots Leafy greens Oatmeal Brown rice Quinoa Beans (combined with a grain) Spirulina /blue green algae Nutritional yeast Iron (taken with vitamin C for better absorption)


Foods to avoid

Damp foods in excess Alcohol Greasy, heavy or oily foods Dairy products Refined carbohydrates (sugar, white floor) Grains Tofu, soymilk

Cold foods Cold foods - iced drinks, beer, ice cream Raw fruits and vegetables

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